Google’s New Social Media Platform and What it Means for Library Marketing!

Super Library Marketing: All kinds of marketing ideas for all kinds of libraries.

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The Library Marketing Show, Episode 51

Angela talks about Google’s new Keen app, which appears to be a competitor for Pinterest. What does this new development mean? Does your library need to jump onboard?

Check it out here.

Also Kudos to Kelly Passek, a school librarian in VA. She is delivering books to the kids in her district by drone.  

What did you think of this episode? Are you struggling with marketing and promotion right now? Do you have a nominee for the Kudos segment? Drop a comment below!

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Published by Dr. K. Dhanushraja

Dr. K. Dhanushraja Working as Archivist cum Document Controller in Bharat biotech Pvt Ltd, He have excellent academic profile, represents the Gold medal for securing the first division in M.L.I.Sc and awarded a Ph.D. in Library and Information Science. He has rich professional work experience spanning over 15 years in both the academic and corporate sector. He has excellent managerial skills which include leading the team, leadership capabilities, and implementing new ideas to serve the customers. He had put an extra effort into establishing a two new archival facility unit in his current employment. He has desired skills set on Library automation, Library Management, and Documents archival management..

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